You Guessed It. I am Danny Galvez

Thank You for visiting my page. Yes, you guessed it. I am Danny Galvez. First I am a father and sunshinemaker ! I am a digital creative who loves making people smile. I have many talents from narrating, creating, Emceeing events, and being a lover of people. I love to see people come alive and live their best life. This is why I joined Ryan Stewman’s team at Apex. I want to see people win. Please enjoy browsing the site. There is a lot to see here. I wanted it to be fun and engaging. So enjoy it ! I hope to be able to meet you one day at one of the many events we host every year.


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    G Code- You know you were meant for more, but you can’t seem to get there. You don’t know what structure to follow, you are not even sure where to begin. Well, that is what the G-Code is meant for. IT’S A FREE PROGRAM meant to get you out of that rut. It is a daily routine meant to get your life moving in the right direction. It is meant to help you get out of AVERAGE. You know that average life, that you don’t want. This is what the G-Code is for. If you follow this daily practice of following the G-Code you will begin to see things in your life moving forward. That is what you want, movement and momentum in your life. The way forward is to begin using the G-Code app. Download it now-FOR FREE ! GET YOUR LIFE MOVING NOW.

  • Thank you for Joing us Check out the Bridgemakers Collaborative

    Bridge Makers Collaborative- 

    The Bridge Makers Collaborative is a non-profit organization meant to help young people fulfill their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. That means we help young people bridge the gap with funds and the connections they will need on their entrepreneurial journey. We want to help connect the youth with their future. We have put together a team of leaders in the community that want to see the youth win. 

    For more information check them out at to learn more about their mission to help the youth.

  • Learn More about my NFT line by connecting with me. I AM DANNY

    My NFT's are out of this universe. I will have them posted on in no time flat. If you want to learn more just connect with me. I want to bearound you. I want to know you. Forget about March Madness , thats over. What about NFT MADNESS?

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